A downloadable game for Windows and Android

This game was made in under 33 hours for the "GameDev Society UFRGS" winter Game Jam with the theme "Falling".

The aim os the defend the magician from oncoming blasts from the sky. In order to defend the dude must cast the proper power to be able to destroy the enemy.

Controls: keyboard "q" "w" and "e" summons one of the elements and mouse click sends them off to defend. On Android, clicking on the elements summons them.

Authors: Breno Dias, Gianei Leandro Sebastiany and Luciano Farias Puhl

Install instructions

The executable and apk files are inside the zip file available for download. Just run the .exe from a computer or send the apk file to your smartphone and install it.


MagickDude.zip 34 MB